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Sindhu Talks. Episode 3: Subaltern Hindus in Bangladesh Are Not Invisible.

Bangladesh has branded itself as moderate and democratic. Whether or not the brand was even accurate can be debated, but it is clearly not so today. Yet, the Bangladeshi Government and Western elites zealously defend it to drive the Bangladeshi economy and power structure. They can make a difference but instead, listen only to other elites, thereby empowering Bangladesh’s growing radicalism, autocratic rule, chaos, and religio-ethnic cleansing.

Justice for the people of Bangladesh, especially its Hindus, requires that those elites to start listening to non-elites on the ground, especially the Subaltern Hindu population. Throughout Bangladesh, especially in its villages, there is overwhelming evidence that if the West continues to ignore Bangladesh’s subaltern Hindus, it does so at its own peril. It will stand by as Bangladesh becomes Hindu-free and find that its passivity grew a Bangladesh hostile to democratic values and interests of all free peoples.

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