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SIT: Devji Maheshwari Got Killed For Posting Anti-Brahmin Posts.

Police are continuously investigating the murder of Dalit lawyer Devji Maheshwari. The murder took place on 25th August, and it left many in shock. And now police have found some concrete evidence against Bharat Raval, the prime accused.

According to the police, Bharat murdered the Dalit lawyer because of an argument over the latter’s social media posts. According to police reports, Bharat and Maheshwari were involved in a heated argument over the latter’s social media posts.

The argument happened just days before the murder of Maheshwari in the Rapar town of Kutch. Eight other persons were also named by Maheshwari’s wife Minaxiben in the FIR. However, the police are yet to discover any concrete evidence against them.

“The evidence gathered in course of investigation suggests that Maheshwari used to upload objectionable posts about the Brahmin community on his Facebook account. Raval had dialled him (Maheshwari) over this, and the duo had a heated argument over phone. Investigation establishes that Raval had murdered Maheshwari over disputes that arose out of the social media posts against Brahmin community,” the special investigation team (SIT) stated in a press release on Sunday.

As per reports, the seven-member SIT is headed by J R Mothaliya, the deputy inspector general (DIG) of Border Range. The team also includes officers from Kutch (east), Kutch (west) and Patan districts.

While speaking with The Sunday Express, the DIG revealed that the team was also able to recover an audio recording of the conversation that took place between the accused and the victim over the phone.

“Investigation has revealed that they had a conversation for 13 to 14 minutes and we have also recovered recording from mobile phone. Maheshwari was associated with BAMCEF (All India Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation), and he used to comment against Brahmins on social media and elsewhere. The boy (Raval) had spoken to him over this many times to complain that his anti-Brahmin posts on social media posts were not appropriate and that he shouldn’t be posting such comments. The duo had had an argument over this issue,” Mothaliya said.

According to the sources, police were able to retrieve the audio recordings of the purported conversation between Bharat and Maheshwari from Bharat’s mobile phone.

Police said that Bharat had left the phone on charge at a fast-food joint in Maheta Complex. As per reports, Bharat had left the phone there for charging just minutes before he murdered the advocate outside his office.

“During interrogation, Raval has confessed that he had a tussle with Maheshwari over the latter’s anti-Brahmin posts and therefore he murdered him. The audio recording retrieved from his mobile phone corroborate that claim,” said the sources who were familiar with the details of the investigation.

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