“We Do What We Can to Endure” – Poems by Padmaja Taara Bose.
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“We Do What We Can to Endure” – Poems by Padmaja Taara Bose.

Padmaja Taara Bose (19) has finished her International Baccalaureate Diploma and is on the verge of joining university.

While in high school, she was a core member of various teams and organizations – a member and moderator of the debate team, the leader of the theatre team, the guitarist and bassist for the school band, and had hosted many poetry slams, grafitti sessions and theatre collectives.

She has also won several accolades and scholarships for her activities and academics.

Her primary interests lie in literature and the arts, but she is also intrigued by technology, the various facets of sociology and how people interact with each other and the world.

Her aspiration is to become a storyteller, and to leverage music, art, theater and film in order to give a tangible form to the intangible.


the sky’s a strange blue today –
the kind that once painted the sleepwalkers’ path
the kind that now stains a thousand nights more

daylight’s fingers part the curtains, trace patterns –
lay hushed upon my lips, across the floor
where a shipwreck lies scattered

the gloaming still hovers heavy above my eyes
as last night’s hauntings sing from worlds away
and i pick out splinters of what was and never may be

thoughts ensnare trellises –
briars bloom, and my dreams turn bitter
and fall upon a tongue long parched

babbling streams of people pour in
through the lone window, and out upon the sea
and waves crash against the end of the bed

time trickles by in crystal tears –
i keep waiting for a wind that has long died down –
and a sigh cracks the heart once more

the sky’s a strange blue today –
i reach into wishing wells and fish for another reverie
and the sun plunges into the streets

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