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Coronavirus Neutraliser by CARD Gets FDA, EU Approval

The Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), the research wing of Organisation De Scalene has successfully designed a device which can neutralise the novel coronavirus. The device is called Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon or “SHYCOCAN” in short. It is to be marketed and manufactured in the US and across Europe.

The device is a small cylindrical object in shape. It can be installed in airports, malls, gyms, offices or any other closed area. It’s purpose will be to disinfect the surfaces. Claims are that this device is highly potent in containing the spread of deadly viruses, especially in the indoor spaces. The device has an operating capacity of 10,000 cubic feet.

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agency approved the device under Enforcement Discretion policy of USFDAI for Covid-19 health emergencies. SHYCOCAN also got approved by the European Union in the form of the Conformite’ Europeene (CE) certification. In order to receive the certification, the device had to undergo over two dozen tests on the grounds of  safety and efficacy. It’s coordination and impact on other types of devices present in its vicinity have also been tested for. However, the device was not solely designed to neutralise Coronavirus. It had been engineered to neutralise viruses in general. Bacteria and funguses won’t be affected by SHYCOCAN.

Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman, Organisation De Scalene said that the device has already been in use in the organisation’s main campus in Bengaluru for about a year. Samples of the device had been sent to the above agencies in March, 2020 for testing purposes.

How does SHYCOCAN work?

SHYCOCAN is a plug and play device. It can be plugged into a regular 110/240V – 50/60 Hz wall socket. As soon as it is plugged in, the device delivers signals to photon mediated electronic emitters (PMEEs). Those emitters then produce hypercharge high-velocity elections by photon mediation. These electrons then interact with the negative seeking S-protein spikes on the surface of the Corona family of viruses. All of this results in rendering the viral cell inactive. It shall therefore reduce the infectivity and prevent air and surface borne transmission of these viruses.

The Chief of De Scalene said that the device does not use any sort of chemicals or consumables. The device also is a non-emitter of harmful ozone gases making it safe for the environment and people.

According to Dr Kumar, SHYCOCAN has the ability to eliminate 99.9% of the viruses in its range, “We have done studies on how it performs — it neutralises the Spike protein or the S protein that is basic to the novel-coronavirus’ structure. So if you deploy this device everywhere, possibly there will be global containment of the virus,” he further added.

De Scalene has given a humanitarian license to certain companies in India and a few other countries abroad in order to manufacture SHYCOCAN. Many similar companies based in the US, Mexico and Europe have also approached the organisation for licences. Dr Kumar said that his organisation will be giving permission to manufacturers. It will therefore aid the large scale production of the device as the demand increases in the coming days. In India, nine companies have show interest in manufacturing SHYCOCAN. Among them, three have already filed for a licencing agreement with De Scalene. “The cost of the devices will be decided by the license holders”, said Dr Kumar.

It is to be noted that a similar device by the name Scitech Airon gained public attention four months ago. It was developed by a Pune-based incubatee company aided by the Science and Technology Park (SciTech Park).

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