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JMB Links Nurtured Growth Of Al-Qaeda In Bengal: NIA.

The Jamaat Ul Mujahideen of Bangladesh has two factions- one following the footsteps of Salauddin Salehin, which is also known as the traditional or older JMB and the other under the leadership of Muhammad Kausar, known as the new JMB.

The Al-Qaeda is said to have been nurtured by the older JMB links, which have teamed up with them for mutual survival.

The JMB’s new faction began to eat up the areas that were strongholds of the older JMB and thus expanded itself. The new JMB’s expansion made the followers of old JMB contract in numbers.

Thus to keep themselves surviving in Bengal, the old JMB which was gradually losing its ground, teamed up with Al-Qaeda to gather bigger force and strength for itself, said reports from the NIA.

The NIA has recently got hold of some audio tapes which reveal that the old JMB followers and the newly recruited Al-Qaeda workers were planning the execution of a terrorist attack of high magnitude.

Qaedatul Jihad’ is the term that was coined by Al Zawahiri of Al-Qaeda in 2015 for their organisation in the Indian sub-continent. The audiotapes that have been recovered by NIA from the nine recently apprehended Al-Qaeda terrorists make mention of ‘Qaedatul Jihad’.

The NIA till now had no information about the spread or existence of Al-Qaeda in Bengal. The recovered documents and audiotapes have already put the NIA on high alert. Tracing the links and arresting the operatives of Al-Qaeda at the earliest possible time, is the biggest task for NIA now.

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