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Wildlife Trust India to Reward Kerala Fisherman for Releasing Endangered Whale.

Recently, an endangered shark was caught in the nets of John Martin, a fisherman, on the shore of Shanghumugham Beach in Thiruvananthapuram.

It was later returned to the water by the local fishermen. They knew it had to go back to the sea as it was an endangered species

According to the fishermen, the whale shark did not move at first and it was not easy to pull it off and free it from the tangled net. However, few men gathered soon to help pull the gigantic fish out. The group of men tied a rope around the whale and pushed it into the sea.

Reportedly, this is the third time when fishermen from Kerala have released the endangered species of whale sharks they caught.

AjithShanghumugham, the nephew of John Martin, who had caught the whale shark on Friday morning and released it, informed that The Wildlife Trust India has promised them a reward of rupees 10,000.

Ajith recorded a video of the fishermen pushing the whale shark out to the sea together and rejoicing as it came back to life after touching the waters, which became viral on social media.

The Wildlife Trust India appreciated the move and shared the news on its page saying, “Back into the sea! Fishers in Kerala saved this whale shark and saw it safely back into the waters. Third such rescue-release in this state, heartening to see the community take conservation action just like  Gujarat fishers who have till date saved more than 720 whale sharks!”

The Chief Executive Officer of Wildlife Trust India, Vivek Menon also appreciated this effort from the fishermen. Admiring this gesture he wrote, “Beginning the morning with good news from Kerala. A whale shark caught in the nets was freed by fishers. The third instance in this state following the start of Wildlife Trust India project here. I have announced a special award for them.”

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