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ISIS Recruit from Kerala Killed in Afghanistan: Why India’s No-Return Policy is Right.

A member of the Islamic State (IS) from Kerala has reportedly been killed in Afghanistan. Najeeb Ali was killed in a suicide attack, according to the Voice of Khorasan, the mouthpiece of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP). The article by the propaganda magazine in its latest issue stated that he had come all the way from India on his own, further adding that it was very difficult for him to make hijra during those days. It described him as a quiet person who always had a smile on his face. “Allah guided Najeeb and opened the doors of Hijra for him,” said the article.

The article further added that Najeeb remained a bachelor, but his friends persuaded him to get married. He had received a proposal from a Pakistani family. On his wedding day, the kuffars (non-believers), as the article mentioned, began bombardment. While Najeeb was of the opinion that the marriage be called off, the girl’s father insisted that the wedding continues.

Immediately after his marriage was over, an ISKP cadre approached and sought suicide attackers to counter the assault. Najeeb is said to have volunteered and then breathed his last in the fight, according to the article.

The incident is a clear indication that many who had left Kerala for Afghanistan are still active in the country. Recently, the families of four girls who left Kerala to join the Islamic State made a plea to the government to allow their return.

The women had travelled to Afghanistan in 2016-18 and their husbands were killed in different attacks in the country.

In April last year, the head of National Directorate of Security in Kabul, Ahmad Zia Saraj told the media that there are 408 IS members from 13 different countries lodged in various prisons. This included 4 Indians, 299 Pakistanis, 16 Chinese, and two each from Maldives and Bangladesh.

Indian agencies are not keen on having these ‘highly radicalised’ persons back for many think that their return could be a planned one motivated towards inciting violence in India; like was the case in France.

Nimisha alias Fathima had left India along with 21 others from Kerala and joined ISIS in Afghanistan last year. She along with three others had surrendered in Afghanistan and now all of them want to return.

The Indian agencies have been observing these developments since the surrender took place. They have been intentionally slow in reacting as they think that there is always a big worry with the Islamic State returnees.

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi prior to his death had said before his death that all the members of the terrorist outfit should return to their homeland.

He had further stated that with the Islamic State losing territory in Syria and Iraq, it was now time for the fighters to go back to their homeland and carry out attacks. These operatives are well trained in do-it-yourself terrorism. This sort of militancy is taught so that these operatives become self-sufficient and can carry out lone-wolf attacks.

Further, it needs to be noted here that in the several attacks that have been carried out in various parts of the world, most of the perpetrators were the ones who have returned to their homeland from the Islamic State mainland. This was very evident in the Paris attack.

Kerala is undeniably a highly radicalised state. The state has over the years become a hub for Wahhabi activity and Islamic radicalisation has spread its tentacles far and wide in the state.  The key concern in the state is the amplification of Wahhabism. What Kerala failed to realise was that allowing radicalisation itself was going to become a danger to its integrity.

In such an event, letting these radicalised persons who had the audacity to leave their house, their homeland, and join the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world in a different country come back would pose an immense threat to the state and the country as well.

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