Ranjit Das Says BJP Will Win 103 Seats in State Assembly Elections of Assam.

BJP President of Assam, Ranjit Das, declared on Thursday (17 December 2020) that the party will win 103 state assembly seats in the upcoming State Assembly Elections in Assam. Ranjit Das said that the party will return back to power with full majority. Ranjit Das made this comment from the stage at ‘Banga Bhawan’ in Silchar, Assam.

While speaking from the stage, Ranjit Das said, “A survey has been run by the party, in context to the 2021 elections and the results are very much pleasing. The survey was conducted based on several issues and the people’s opinion on the handling of the issues by the BJP government. According to the results of the survey, all the 7 seats of the Cachar district are also going to drop into the bag of BJP only.”

Ranjit Das also clarified on Thursday that the tickets of the party will be provided on the basis of certain practical reasons i.e. popularity of the candidates, their contribution and support among the ground workers and their working capability. He further said that 7 minority candidates will be provided with tickets of the party for the State Assembly Elections.

Cachar MP Rajdeep Roy was also present in the programme at Banga Bhawan on Thursday. He said, “BJP managed to win so many seats in BTR, even after facing unfavourable situations. This is surely a big boost for the party cadres. In 2021 elections, the BJP shall surely win all the 7 assembly seats of Cachar.”

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