Bharatiya Janata Party is Anti-Bengali: Congress.

The Congress has now begun its campaign against BJP, to prove it as an anti-Bengali party. The BJP has just been using the Bengali Hindus as a vote bank. They have supported the AASU directly during the Assam Andolan. J.P Nadda’s public declaration in Silchar, about BJP’s direct support to Assam Andolan, proves BJP’s Bengali hatred. The BJP President was boasting proudly about their involvement in Assam Andolan, said Congress Karimganj District President Satu Roy on Sunday.

Satu Roy went on to say that the Assam Andolan, which later took the shape of ‘Bongal Kheda Andolan’, caused huge loss to the Bengalis of Brahmaputra Valley. He said that the Assamese regional extremists burnt down the homes and shelters of thousands of Bengalis during the Bongal Kheda Andolan. Thousands of Bengalis were killed in Brahmaputra valley. The Bengali massacre was orchestrated on the name of ‘Assam Andolan’. Satu Roy added, “The BJP is the supporter of this ‘Bongal Kheda Andolan’.”

Satu Roy further said, “Big political figures of BJP like the Atal Bihari Vajpayee also supported the Assamese extremists. Journalists and political leaders like Arun Shoiri used their pen to write in support of  ‘Bongal Kheda Andolan’. The AASU leadership conducted the whole andolan under the guidance of the then BJP only. The main objective of the Assam Andolan was to make the Bengalis stateless.”

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