AASU Shows Black Flag to Home Minister in Guwahati.

In order to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), All Assam Students Union (AASU) demonstrated black flags in front of the Home Minister on Sunday. Home Minister Amit Shah is on his election campaign visit to Assam. Amit Shah landed in Assam on Saturday Night. On Sunday morning, he attended two public meetings in Nalbari and Kokrajhar. However, AASU workers were present on the road, armed with black flags in their hands.

Other than this, black flags were also seen in various other parts of Guwahati and the state on Sunday (24 January 2021). This was carried out under the leadership of AASU. AASU has already made its demand clear. It wants the CAA to be repealed by the government, at any cost. They have even vowed to continue on with their protests until and unless the CAA gets repealed.

According to AASU, the central government can’t impose such laws on the state of Assam. This won’t be tolerated. If required, they will even carry out large scale protests. The black flags, which were displayed in front of the Home Minister, were just a trailer for the inevitable protest against CAA ahead, said AASU.

The police have also clashed with AASU workers in several parts of the state. The police tried to prevent them from making a mess and thus they had no other option but to use force. Black flags are not the only things that were shown. The draft copy of the CAA was also burnt at several protest sites. The AASU workers also sang slogans against the CAA.

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