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The River and The Playground – Poems About Living on the Banks of the Barak.

The poems are centred around the poet’s memories of growing up on the banks of the river Barak. The poet has tried to portray a picture of how the landscape has changed as the years have passed. The perspective is that of a young observer coming to terms with the changed world vis-à-vis the world of the past – Editor

Md. Azizul Islam Khan.

Photo Credit: Md. Azizul Islam Khan

The Playground

We had a playground
On the dry river bed.
There were people.
There are none now.

The boy with his flock of sheep.
The farmers with their produce.
The old beggar waiting for the ferry.
And us, with discarded bike tyres.

It was a winter.
Now, sixteen winters later-

The young shepherd is no more.
The farmer is paralysed.
The beggar runs a tiny shop.
And us, sitting alone in dark chambers.

The river took the playground back.
Nature is but the overseer.
We took the lamp of its hand.
It shut the door.

Spring is here. Only
a deserted landscape remains.

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