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Muslim Mob Forcibly Seizes Ramakrishna Mission’s Land in 24 Parganas.

In Sarisha of District South 24 Parganas of West Bengal, an armed Muslim mob recently made an attempt to seize land belonging to the Ramakrishna Mission. The matter came to light after a video of a monk from the Mission arguing with the hooligans became viral on social media.

Reportedly, the miscreants tried to occupy the land in front of the Ramkrishna Mission centre and when the maharaj  (monks of Ramkrishna Mission) interfered, the group of Muslims abused and directed cusswords at him. They went further to taunt the Maharaj and even pushed him. The Maharaj, on the other hand, only requested the group to stop their illegal construction work on the mission land.

The Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama of Sarisha, situated kilometres south on the Kolkata-Diamond Harbour Road, is affiliated to Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah since 1921. It plays a significant role in the development and empowerment of the people of Sarisha and surrounding areas through educational and socio cultural development.

Started in 1917 as a centre for service and primarily for distributing help to the needy, the centre was almost defunct in 1920 after the death of the chief organiser Late Nalini Ranjan Mazumdar. It was revived by Swami Ganeshananda, a direct disciple of Swami Brahmananda, the first Sanghadhyaksha, or President of Sri Ramakrishna Mission. This land encroachment issue is being seen with suspicion by many locals as part of a concerted effort to aggressively deprive this religious and monastic institution of a Hindu sect of its possessions.