Students Submit Memorandum to Introduce COVID-19 Restrictions Ahead of Christmas.

The students of several colleges and institutions submitted a memorandum to the Cachar District Administration on Friday (11 December 2020). The memorandum requested the administration to implement Covid-19 restrictions ahead of Christmas. The students fear that the gathering in the Churches might give rise to fresh Covid-19 cases among the youth.

The memorandum submitted by the students, addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, read: “In the context of the present prevailing situation, we, the student community feel the strong need for a set of regulations and restrictions to avoid the COVID-19 spread in the town during Christmas. Ma’am, as we all know, maximum of the youths of the town gather around the Oriental Church or the Holy Cross Church during the Christmas evening, which could transform into a hotspot zone for COVID-19 spread. Ma’am, scientists all across the world are warning about the serious consequences that might arise due to COVID-19 during this winter. Also, the normal fever that comes with the season change makes people and their immune system more vulnerable against the COVID-19 virus. This increases the severity of the prevailing situation by manifold. Moreover, we the students are attending schools, colleges now. Even a minute spread of the disease can transport the virus to many homes unintentionally.”

The memorandum further added, “As we have witnessed the strong resolution demonstrated by our District Administration during the Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Chhath Puja, where the public requested but the administration maintained its strong set of restrictions, at least on the official papers, we expect the same level of seriousness to be maintained during the Christmas celebrations.”

The students demanded before the district administration to publish the new set of restrictions for Christmas evening as soon as possible and help contain the spread of the virus in the town.

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