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Arts And Education: Stories about the arts and education in this segment of SindhuNews are curated carefully by our arts and cultures team. A specific focus is exerted on the networked nature of these areas.

We at SindhuNews believe that it is important for a contemporary world citizen to be aware of the constant changes and shifts in these areas.

Our stories about the arts include a vast range of areas. We are interested in bringing to our reader stories about every significant change that takes place in the different branches of artistic production around the world. We assign a specific narrative importance to stories which are not ‘mainstream’ but are significant socially, or culturally.

From Hollywood to South Asian cottage industries, or from Korean pop to Welsh male choirs to Indian universties or vernacular literature from Indian cultures, SindhuNews attempts to bring to its audience the most relevant information about a diverse range of arts, knowledge and education related areas.

Na caurahāryaṁ na ca rājahāryaṁ, na ca bhrātr̥bhājyaṁ na ca bhārakāri/ vyaye kr̥te vardhat eva nityaṁ, vidyādhanaṁ sarvadhana pradhānaṁ।।

Translation: It can neither be plundered by a thief. It cannot be seized by the monarch. It cannot be divided among siblings. It cannot be exhausted by consumption. Education disseminated only grows, and never ends.

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